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stressed_nos in bingecontrol31

day 3- 15 points. sorry, i just couldn't eat.

Food: [0]

i'm sorry. i just can't do it. I couldn't eat this many calories this many days in a row. I'm fasting today. the day's not even over yet but i'm posting for the day because i'm not eating until saturday morning and i know the answers to everything else already

Exercise: [5]

About an hour and a half of walking, weights, did arms, abs, legs, crunches, push ups, planks, lunges.

Water: [5]

2L so far, probably have 3 1/2 by end of day

Daily Challenge: [5]

I'm still giving myself credit for this one. See, i work full time, and i work on a computer. But, that wasn't exactly enjoyment, or anything i could control. Outside of that, i'm not touching my computer or tv. I'm driving to my old alma matter, hanging out with friends, going to an interesting lecture, and then going home and doing my nails.