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stressed_nos in bingecontrol31

Day 4- 19 points, entry edited

soo i ended up breaking fast at 9:30 pm (after more than 48 hours) because i got crazy dizzy and blacked out. i ate a small salad (no dressing or anything), and some grapes. then when i went out to the drag show, i ended up drinking (probably a bad idea, but i had fun) 

Food: [4]

salad, grapes, 3 drinks (vodka splash of cranberry) total about 600 calories.

Exercise: [5]

2 1/2 hours of walking, an hour of swimming laps, and the recommended exercises for the day except the captain's chair one becuase i didn't understand it.

Water: [5]

2L so far, probably have 3 1/2 by end of day

Daily Challenge: [5]

Okay so i live alone in a city where i don't know many people yet, And i'm fasting, so this one was reeeeally hard for me. But i thought about it and you're right, i do avoid going out for fear of calories, so tonight i decided to go out with some friends for this thursday night thing they all do but i avoid, got them to come over to my place and play games first too. So we're going to this bar for this crazy drag-show, which should be reeeeally fun. When you pay the cover charge, apparently you automatically get a beer and a shot. Buttttt since it would ruin my fast AND it's probably a bad idea to drink when you haven't eaten for more than 48 hours, i'm going to try to give them to my friend jesse. He won't turn down free alcohol right? Right.


i love drag shows :)

well, when men do them. when women do them i get confused.
hehe meeee too! it was mostly transgendered people who had actually started transitioning, had top surgery at least. it was a great show. but, my friend who i went with had missed my birthday and so he told them it was my birthday and i had to go on stage and dance with the first performer and "she" felt up my boobs. haha it was crazy fun but that's when i decided i couldn't be sober the rest of the night...plus i got a free drink for it being my birthday and a t-shirt to cover the fat rolls i'll get from drinking!