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Feb. 20th, 2008



Hey  everyone...i'm new to this site.   I know i fit in here though because I binge, and hate it. i promise to myself everyday that i wont binge and always end up doing it..  

I would like to know the rules for this site so I can participate and hopefully end my binging.

I need to get out of my binging cycle and have CONTROL...

height: 5'0"
current weight: 128lbs.
lowest weight: 95lbs.
goal: 100lbs.

Feb. 21st, 2008



Day 3 // 17 points

I realy dont have much time to eat so unfortunately i cant follow the bingcontrol original plan...

Food: 5
Breakfast: 130 cals kellogs bar
Lunch: 2 apples (120 cals), a farmer bar (80 cals) and a low fat yogurt (50 cals)
Dinner: a few veggies and a little chicken
Total: 600?

Exercise: 4
I did 1h and a half of gym with my teacher. Did mostly abs, thighs, squats, arms and hips.

Water: 4
Drank a shit load of water but probably could of drank even more

Chalenge: 4
I did everything that the chalenge says to except the computer limitation to an hour. But i do everything on my computer, including homework...
But i caught up with an old friend, i sorted shit out with my mom, and i read a little.

Feb. 20th, 2008


Day 3 // 15 points

Food: [5]

Breakfast: 1 fiber roll with raspberry jam

Lunch: Left over pizza (home made), 32 fl oz coffee (me hyped), 1 cup of milk, 1.5 % fat

Dinner: 2 fiber rolls with honey

Exercise: [5]

Did 47 mins of walking, then 60 high kicks, the work out plus back, stomach, and shoulder/torso workout.

Water: [5]

I drank about 8.5 - 9 regular glasses of water.

Daily Challenge: [0]

I found out about today's challenge after I'd already played Sims 2 for about two hours. The draw back of being at least six hours ahead of our mods. XD I will say I love Sims 2 enough for it to make me relaxed and at ease with my stressed out world, though.


Day 2, 20 points

 Food: 5 points
Progresso light italian style soup
small green apple
3/4 cup grapes
veggie burger on light wheat bread with tomatoes and onions
peanut butter
rice milk
Total: 870 calories
I gave myself 5 points because i stayed in the calorie limits, but really the peanut butter and rice milk felt like a binge because i was high and ate it even thouhg i knew i shouldn't. Stupid PERIOD! Stupid pot! blahhh

5 points
2   hours of walking, some light weights and crunches

Water: 5 points
2 1/2 Liters

Daily Challenge: 5 points
i read the newspaper every day so this was an easy one for me

i know this totally defeats the point of this community but i'm freaking out. I have to fast. i just can't believe i've eaten this many calories, and right now i'm way way way over my goal weight for friday and i'll never make it and i'm meeting some of my future classmates next weekend and i feel awful. I'm going to fast from today until friday, and i guess i'll just lose the points for the food.

Feb. 19th, 2008


(no subject)

DAY- 2/19

Honestly, I get a big ZERO for today's points.
I had a bad binge because my body was just starving after being sick :O(.
Maybe I deserve 5 points for water, and 3 for exercise.
But I binged after the exercise so it doesn't count :O(.
It doesn't help that I am on my period..
tomorrow I will have to work HARD.
I will probably fast, which isn't in the schedual, but by body needs it..
SP Dot


Day 2// 20 Points

Food: 5
B - Cereal and 2% milk
L - 1 tbsp chunky pb, 1 slice flax seed bread, 1/2 banana, 1 med carrot
S - 1 fun size Snickers (Boo!) about 10 dry roasted unsalted peanuts
D - salad (cabbage, carrot, onion, jalapeno, balsamic vinegar), 2 6" corn tortillas, 1 oz extra sharp cheddar
S - 1 orange
TTL Calories - 890...yay!

Exercise: 5
I walked the dog for 65 min, did the suggested exercises and 30 min of crunches.  I'm tired.

Water: 5
2 Liters

Chalenge: 5
Teacher gets sentence reduced from 15 yrs to 6 for having sex with a minor.
This issue really bothers me.  Male teachers have been taking the same "advantage" of female students for decades with no consequences.  In the last decade, it seems, there have been numerous instances of female teachers being drug through the mud.  These boys that are being "taken advantage of" are getting pats on the back and high fives from their male classmates thus resulting in bloated egos for "banging the hot teacher".  The likeliness that the boys are permanently scarred IMO is pretty slim.   I'm not going to touch on the male teachers/female student issue.  ok, done   sorry...pet peeve.

So, yeah...good for her for having her sentence reduced.


Day 2 // 18 points

Food: 5

All i had till 4pm was 3 apples. Then had a 100 cals cereal bar and then a proper dinner (salmon and veggies).

Exercise: 3

I walked for an  hour and a half, and did a shit load of crunches. 

Water: 5

Drank and peed all day.. lol

Chalenge: 5

I read this article in the Herald Tribune abt Alain Robbe-Grillet death's today. The funny thing is i had to give in an essay 3 days ago and i refered to him a lot.


Day 1- 20 points!

i'm a vegan so i can't follow the meal plans. found it really hard to eat so many calories.
5 points
Progresso light italian style soup
pretzel sticks
veggie taco salad from qdoba- taco shell, lettuce, rice, beans, pico de gallo
100 calorie pack of oreos
grapes and blackberries
60 calorie vegan chocolate cookie
Total: 920 calories

Exercise: 5 points
2 1/2  hours of walking, some light weights and crunches

Water: 5 points
3 Liters

Daily Challenge: 5 points
Cleaned bathroom and kitchen

Stripy Stockings


Day One Turnout.// Day Two Plans


Day One was amaziiiiing. =] I'm so happy. I'm really sick, so my plan for day two is gonna be a little less than detailed. And late, apparently. Sorry! >.<

So, standings thus far:

Congratulations to xmetamorphose and amory_vain. Good day, girls!

xmetamorphose = 20
amory_vain = 20
psychichearts29 = 19
kuroi_neko85 = 19
invidii = 18
ohxhipxbones = 18
alexisloud = 17
just_surreal = 15
iwant2bsoskinny = 14

Today's Plans

No meal plan for today, because I'm frankly too sick to think of one. The calorie goal is 800-900. Good luck. =]

Exercise is one hour of cardio, either walking, jumping rope, whatever floats your boat. Today's focused body part is shoulders and back.

You'll need barbells to do alot of my workout plans because that's the best way to build balance and increase your metabolism.

If you don't have any laying around the house, get a bag of peas, whatever. :)

Barbell Front Shoulder Raises
2 sets of 10.

1. In correct posture, stand with your legs spaced shoulder width apart.
2. Keep your abdominal muscles tight, knees bent and chest relaxed.
3. Under control, raise the weight directly up while focusing on your shoulders.
4. Stop when your elbow joints are in a straight line with your shoulders and reverse the motion down.
5. Under control lower the weight, stop when your arms slightly touch your sides and reverse the motion back up.

Machine Rear Delt Row
2 sets of 10.

1. In correct posture, sit on a rowing machine. During the exercise, a natural arch in your spine should be maintained.
2. Keep your abdominal muscles tight, shoulders back and chest up.
3. Under control, pull the weight back while focusing on bringing your shoulder blades together. While pulling the weight back, brings your elbows up and in line with your shoulders
4. Stop were you feel comfortable and reverse the motion back.
5. Under control, lower the weight, stop just before your elbow joints are straight and reverse the motion back.

Now, if you don't have access to a gym, you can just do it using your free body weight, moving slowly to increase resistance.

Resistance Band Rear Delt Row
2 sets of 10.

1. In correct posture, stand upright as you hold the exercise tubing. You can attach the exercise tube around a pole, tree, back deck or fence.
2. Keep your abdominal muscles tight, shoulders down and chest up.
3. Under control, pull the weight back while focusing on bringing your shoulder blades together. While pulling the weight back, brings your elbows up and in line with your shoulders.
4. Stop where you feel comfortable and reverse the motion back.
5. Under control, lower the weight, stop just before your elbow joints are straight and reverse the motion back.

You can use the same subsitition as for the last exercise if you need to. =]

Today's challenge

Check out some online newspapers and find an article you think's interesting. Read it! Enlighten yourself. Learn something new. Then post here one thing you didn't know before reading the article. =] We should always be broadening our horizons!


Alright girls, this sick girl is off to get ready for school. I promise the next post will be better formatted but it's hard to work when I can't breath.

Love till later!

Feb. 18th, 2008


day one

Food: 4
i'd say around 900 or so...
B- strawberry lite yogurt
1 c of kix cereal
L- lettuce, three carrot sticks and two radishes with ff italian,
1 slice of provolone cheese... odd because i normally avoid cheese.
1/2 bagel (it was large)
s- 100 calorie granola bar
D- lettuce, peppers, pinto beans. mixed together. i eat strange things!
Exercise: 3
ran/walked for 50 minutes. had a busy day.
Water: 5
i drank A LOT of water...
Daily Challenge: 5
i cleaned every corner of my room. it did feel good, actually.

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