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bingecontrol31's Journal

31 Days To Self Control
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Stop the binge cycle now. A diet, food and lifestyle plan to get you back to where you need to be.
This is the community for my plan to stopping the binge cycle. You know the kind, where you fall off track and can't seem to climb back on. This is a 31 day cycle, there is a strict eating regime and exercise plan for each day, posted daily. Membership will be closed off on Sunday, February 16th, so if you'd like to participate you need to join before then.

After joining, you will be required to post some information about yourself.

Eating Disorder History:
Physical Problem Areas:
One body part you absolutely love:
Goal Weight [by the end of the cycle]:
Photograph of yourself:
Favourite Thinspo:
One random fact about yourself:


Each day you are given a meal plan, an exercise routine that can be adapted to either the gym or home workout. Also, you are given a daily esteem challenge to complete. Water is also a major thing, make sure you consume as much as possible. Now, if you feel sick or unwell, please stop! There are exercise free days throughout the challenge, so watch out for them. =]

Once the challenge starts, you need to grade yourself daily based on how you feel you did.

Food = 5 points

If you followed everything completely, award yourself 5 points. If you failed completely, you get 0 points. Anything in between is well...in between!

Water = 5 points

Do you feel you got your water intake for the day?

Exercise = 5 points

Following the plan will earn you 5, not exercising at all will get you nothing.

Esteem Challenge = 5 points

If you did it, 5 points. If you didn't, nothing.

NOW since this is a challenge, your points will be tallyed up daily and whoever has closest to a perfect score by the end will have a banner made for them saying that they passed Binge Control 31.

Commenting on posts is highly recommended, because we all need the support.

I think that's it, so join and get ready to get control.